Visit Omo

Just three and a half hours drive from Lagos, Omo Nature Reserve provides a safe and relaxing forest getaway surrounded by wildlife.

Visits can be tailored to your particular needs but a typical overnight trip starts with meeting at Lekki conservation centre at 8 am on Saturday (unless it’s sanitation day). We then drive up in convoy. On route, we can stop at Tsungbo’s Eredo, to see the fortifications of the ancient Ijebu kingdom (apparently the largest monument in Africa) as well as the site of the British-Ijebu battle that led to the formation of modern Nigeria.

About 4 hours later, we arrive in the last large village before we get into the bush. Here, we leave behind non-4X4 vehicles along with drivers at a guest house (where necessary). Visitors can then choose between a 14km drive, cycle and/or walk to get to our bush camp. On route, a brief stop is made at the Bailey Bridge over the scenic Omo River.

Shortly after, visitors arrive at ‘Erin’ camp (named after the Yoruba word  for elephant) before setting out along one of the camp’s nature trails. Signs of elephants are normally abundant if you look carefully, and if you are extremely lucky you may even see a group.  Following this, a campfire is lit, over which you can barbeque your own food. After relaxing and chatting over a glass, guests can retire into one of three basic but clean and screened wooden cabins, each of which is equipped with two beds covered by good mosquito nets. We also have three beds on the floor, normally for younger members of the expedition. Alternatively, you can choose to sleep in your own tent or our one.

The following morning after  breakfast, visitors set out for Beetle hill. A two and a half hour walk or 45 minute drive to the base followed by a 25 minute climb up the hill’s steep slopes which is worthwhile for the fantastic views over the forest that you get at the top. Once down again, we leave for Lagos, normally arriving back  by 3 pm.

How to book

Please contact us at nicholas.wicks at or on 0818 163 6056. Due to numerous last minute cancellations, we now  required all visits to pay a deposit of N4,000 per person at the time of booking in order to cover our costs. This can be paid at the Pro-Natura office at 76 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi (and ask for Mary). Receipts can be issued, if needed and in the event that we cancel a trip, will be returned in full. As we are doing this to raise operational funds for the Sanctuary and  guests are encouraged to make a donation. It it is your choice, but we suggest a payment of N10,000 overall (of which the deposit forms part) and you are, of course, welcome to donate more. This payment can be made at the end of the visit.

What should you bring? 

On a typical weekend trip you should pack the following:  food and drink, sleeping sheet or liner, towel, long  sleeved shirts and trousers, insect repellent, toiletries, sun screen, hat, good walking shoes (preferably waterproof in wet season), waterproofs (in wet season) and flashlight. Binoculars, coolers or your own tent / jungle hammock are optional extras.

Although we have never had any theft at our camp, we would rather avoid any potential problems so please do NOT bring large amounts of money or valuables that will be left behind at the camp. Items such as cameras that will be carried with you when you’re walking are fine.

Erin camps facilities

Erin camp cabins

– Three screened cabins: total of 9 beds with pillows and mosquito nets.

– Closed off cubicle with bucket shower

– Kitchen with stove & gas

– Clean stored rainwater

– Pit latrine (in pretty good condition)

– Campfire / bbq with wood

– Benches and seating for 10 people

– Covered seating area

– One two man tent

–  20 X plastic cups, plates, bowls, forks, knives and spoons.

– Chopping boards, large knives,  kettles, 2 x pots and 1 frying pan

– 3 X solar lighting systems

– A motorbike rider in case of ‘beer emergency’ (for a small fee)

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  1. Posted by Adebayo Felicia on March 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Nick, this is a very wonderful innovation, you are weldone.


  2. This innovative idea is welcomed and supported.


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